The Winner is…..

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Rochelle – come on down girl!  If you can please email me your address and I will get a package away to you on Friday…

I am going to do a longer blog post tonight but whilst the sun is shining i want to get lots of house work done and all our sheets etc dried along with a few other loads of washing…!

Thanks to everyone for commenting on my blog.


Monday already!

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Wow, where did that weekend go?  I can’t believe that it is Lunchtime on Monday already.  Only 1 1/2 days until the Scrapping package is drawn….For every comment you leave you will have a chance at winning.

Our weekend has been quiet and good…I pulled my knee and leg on Friday night so have just been taking it easy.  David and Richard went to play gym and then we all went up to manukau for a bit and then a very quiet afternoon at home.  Yesterday the boys went out to Chipmunks in Puke then home for lunch and then David got asked to go on a playdate so that was lots of fun for him.

I have quite a few things that I want to get started and accomplised in the next few weeks and will hopefully be able to share a few things by the end of the month.  Just looking out my office window one of the things I need to do this week is weed our vege garden and plant some more of the plants that we have…I also can’t believe how fast our grass is growing at the moment.

What else has been happening?    Nic & Lucy have announced the 2011 Autumn Escape in Taupo and I have signed up yay so excited.  So excited that my BFF Louise and wonderful SIL Judith will be coming…We are going to have an awesome weekend…This time I will not be sick!  I will not allow myself to be.

We have got a new SLT that is starting with us in about 9 days.  Our previous one we had for abotu 5 weeks but she has moved to be closer to her Grandchildren.  I am just hoping that we have this SLT for awhile.

Well I must be off to pay some bills – argh May is def our month for bills!

Autumn is def here!

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Well Autumn is def here and it isn’t so nice outside so I am not minding or feeling guilty about spending the morning in front of the computer.

This morning we had a visit from Plunket who are now as of 3 months ago doing Before School visits with 4 year olds before they start school to dicuss developement and anything else that we may have concerns about to see if they can catch any kids that may need any extra help in areas before they start school.  We filled out forms and she observed David playing and then Daycare will have the same forms to fill out.  Then they will come back to us.  They have only just started this in the past 3 months. 

After 2 days of having good drop offs at Daycare we had a Tanty this morning  when dropping off and we got there latter than we thought and it was just in the middle of group time as they were heading off into their areas for Morning Tea and he’s not used to getting there at that time…I don’t think he is a kid that has to have everything in a strict routine but i think he also likes getting there at a normal time if that makes sense.  I def have my aniexty well up and wonder if there is other things going on but then others say not to worry….I guess it’s me and kids in general like a bit of routine.  Oh well we have started up a sticker chart and he has gotten a sticker the last 2 mornings and he will miss out on one this morning.

Unfortunatly I am having problems with Photos showing up on the Blog at the moment but the prize includes.  I hope the winner loves the package.

– 40 sheets of double sidded Patterned Paper

– Bag of flowers

– Bag of buttons

– Bag of assorted embelishments that have been released in the last year.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing comments you are all amazing friends.

Blog Giveaway & Mother’s Day!

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Okay everyone firstly sorry for the delay in posting this…I started feeling a bit yucky on Sunday afternoon and just couldn’t get things done.  I am going to be taking a pic this afternoon and will upload the pic.

My Mother’s Day was lovely – David has an awesome memory and when he got up at 6am to go to the bathroom he called out Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!  The boys then awhile latter brought in 2 pressies which was an awesome Spatchular and scrapper for my baking and cookign which I am doing lots and lots of at the moment…They are awesome quality and are silicon and can take up to 300C .  Latter that morning Richard had a job out near the Airport so David and I went out for a look around which worked out to be the same time my SIL, BIL, a friend of theirs and 2 neices and nephew were returning from 3 weeks in Asia so we were able to go welcome them home.  Then it was off home via the Domestic Airport and home for a quiet afternoon.  The boys then surprised me and went to our favourite Chinese Takeaways and got us Chinese for Dinner.

Today we dropped off an excited boy to Daycare as David and the rest of his 4 year old room were off to Kelly Tarltons for the day.  They were leaving about 9.00am and due back around 2.00pm and were having a Picnic Lunch on the way back to daycare at a playground.  I must remember to ask his teacher if I can get hold of some of the photos so that I can do David some scrapbook pages.

David is loving being in the 4 year old room…We are having some days where he says he doesn’t want to go to Daycare but I think this is just a phase.

Have just read that Harvey Normans have .15c photos at the moment so I must work out which ones I want to get printed and take them in this week.

David is loving his PlayGym classes that we go to every Saturday morning for an hour.  There are now 3 kids from his Daycare which is loves having them there.  We can see his confidence growing more and more.

Lastly now my mum and dad don’t have a computer and so don’t read this blog but we are sneakly going to sneak down and drive down and see them on Sunday and go via the Supermarket and turn up with lunch…Hee hee hee we are sneaky.

I will be back in a bit with a photo.  Now for every comment that is left this week on what I will now make next tuesday night I will draw a name and let you all know the winner.

Great to hear from you all!

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I am def going to be updating this blog alot alot more.  I will be doing an update of photos of David in a post in the next few days.  Thanks heaps for the suggestion Hannah.  I too can’t believe how fast he is growing and that it is May already.

Tomorrow I will also be posting a pic of the Giveaway that one of my wonderful Blog Readers will be winning this time next week.  I am happy to post where ever including International.

Well this post is a short one but will post again tomorrow.  We are having Hot Dogs tonight and Richard and I have made the Hot Dog buns so off to get everything ready.

Have a great Saturday everyone.

Autumn Cleaning!

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In our house this week we have ventured upon not Spring Cleaning but Autumn cleaning…Pretty much the same thing but during a different part of the year…I have decided before Winter really sets in I want to get the house totally sorted and organised and also around the house and gardens as well.  I am just taking it slowly and not pushing myself as I truley know what happens when i do that.

I have also been trying to fill our tins at home with home baking instead of buying cookies and cakes…I have also been praticing Pavlovas and with Richard’s help came up with a Bonfee Pav and also played around and made our own Caramel Sauce from Scratch.

I am just doing a short entry today but will update more tomorrow along with details about my wonderful trip to Autumn Escape and the boys adventure in Taupo.

I am also wondering how many people actually read my blog when i update it so from next Monday will be running a week long cometition.

As you may have noticed I have updated my blog header.  Have a great afternoon everyone.

Happy Easter!

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Firstly Happy Easter Everyone.  Our Easter started on Thursday when we took the Day off and took David to the Easter Show…it was great and not very busy and mostly full of Mums and Dad’s and under 5’s and the odd brother and sister that had managed to not go to school that day.  It was great for David as the only other time he has been he was 2 1/2…Seeing him on the rides really confirmined out decision that in July/August next year to go and do the Gold Coast Theme Parks.  He will be 5 1/2 at that stage and i know will just love it.  Unfortunatly I am having problems with pics at the moment so will have to add those latter.

Friday we headed off to a new playground that a friend around the corner had found in Farm Cove, Pakuranga.  David has now called it the Snakes and Ladders Park.  It”s awesome and here is a link to it.

Saturday was a slightly busy day as we had our last Play Gym Session for the term, then off to Botany to the libary and grocery shopping and then home.

Sunday was our Easter Egg Hunt and we had a lovely brunch and egg hunt with good friends and then today we went straight after breakfast to our Local Garden Centre to get Veges for the Winter.  We got Savoy Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Selection of Asian Greens, Curley Kale, Cauli and Celery…Once those have established we will get a few more.  This afternoon we are just relaxing and tonight I am going to try and cook a Whole Snapper for the first time.  I will let you know how that goes.

I will update more during the week.  Happy Chocoalte Days to everyone.

Wiggles, Baking, Library & Fairy Tales with a touch of baking!

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This past weekend has been filled firstly with a trip to into Auckland to see the Wiggles at the Vector Arena.  In our Group there were 5 kids ranging in age from 18 months – 4 years and 5 Adults…Fun was had by all.  We had really good seats just up from where the seating on the floor was and when we got there David couldn’t understand why we couldn’t sit down there as the seats were then currently empty.  David loved the show and danced pretty much non stop for about 45 mins and then got tired…Show was about 1 hr 15 mins long.  At the end of the show when the Wiggles left the Stage David looked up at me with a Sad face and said “Me Miss the Wiggles”.  It was then home via McDonald’s Greenlane Drive through to a quiet afternoon.

Sunday we headed out to the Clevedon Farmers Market where I was in heaven and got fresh basil for pesto, corriander, limes and avacados and chillis and then after David had a Pony Ride we headed up to manukau to the Library one of David’s favourite weekly places to visit.  We got some books with the obligatory Fairy Tales which we have been getting at every visit for the past few months and then home for Scones for lunch and the very very last swim in our neighbour’s pool for the year until next Summer.

This weekend I have also been trialing Hot Cross Buns and have realised I need lots more practice with them and have made a Carrott Cake with Cream Cheese icing.  This morning I made Easter Cupcakes with caramello easter eggs hidden in them for David’s teachers and going to make some easter cookies this afternoon and David can take them to Daycare tomorrow.

We are off to the Easter Show on Thursday which will give David a 5 day weekend.  We decided to go on Thursday when it is a bit quieter and then on Friday friends have found a cool new playground which we will go visit with Morning or Afternoon Tea on Friday.  Saturday we have our very last Play Gym session for this term and as it’s Easter they are combining both the 9am and 10am sessions together so that the Teacher’s can get away early for easter.  We might then head to the Garden Centre to get some Winter Seedlings.  Our amazing neighbour wanted a break from working in his work shop yesterday and came and weeded our front garden so it is now ready to plant for winter.  Sunday we have Lisa and Annelise coming over for a Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

No Plans as of yet for Easter Monday but maybe to the Park and a day at home chilling and maybe scrapbooking for me.

On Sunday night i got the email about Class Requirements for Autumn Escape in Taupo which I am so lucky to be going to so I am working on what photos to take this week and then next week will actually pack my Scrap bag early so i def have everything and just keep out the basic kit to work on and then pack that.

Well must be off to put the Easter Cookies in the oven and also going to use up some leftover bananas with some crushed pineapple and coconut and make a Hummingbird cake.

Not even thinking about

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how long it has been since my last post.  Onwards and upwards as they say!

Only 3 1/2 weeks until I head down to Taupo with Richard and David for Autumn Escape…I am so very very excited and can’t wait.  The boys are going to hang out and sightsee down there.

I am going to be updating what has been happening since I last blogged over the next week or so and go from there.  Just wanted to let you all know that i am still around.

Day 4 of 02 Fitness Nutrition and Exercise Programe…

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Well I am onto Day 4 of my 02 Fitness Eating and Exercise Programe…Just a little back ground I am good friends with a wonderful fmaily in North Carolina and Adam is a Personal Trainer and I had previously mentioned that it would have been great if he had been closer as I would have trained with him…Well he had started up since a online training programe and I was just about to sign up when he gave me an awesome Christmas Pressie Free Online Personal Training and Nutrion!

I started fully on Saturday and have just been taking it day by day  and not pushing myself to excell straight off as I know i am horribly overweight and have no fitness whatso ever so just taking it slowly.  Adam is all for this…

Adam has sent me through a Fitness Programe and Menu Plan for the next month…I am so proud of myself i have had hardly any bread in the last 4 days where as i could be found to having 4-6 slices if not more a day…

What else is happening?  We have my Inlaws 50th Wedding Anniversary Lunch on Saturday so i am busy trying to finish off their album and I also have their cake to ice as well…Should be interesting as I have only ever done this once before…Might try the almond paste layer tonight when it is a bit cooler.

I am atempting a post with lots of pics but I am still having issues with Word Press and photos so will try again tomorrow.

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