Perfect Day for Scrapping!

September 27, 2009 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

I am sitting here with the light on even though the curtains and blinds are open…It is pouring with rain and with Richard off to work and David at Daycare I think it might be a day to hibernate inside and Scrap and not feel guilty for not being outside…I will work on some of my office tonight and scrap today..

I have had a great weekend….Saturday morning Richard & David dropped me off at Scrapbook Studio to crop with the girls!  It was an awesome day and I got nearly 3 layouts finished…Just need to add some journalling and some more embelishments and then I will take pics and upload them.  Thanks Annelie for organising this crop….It was great to see and hang out with everyone.  Another highlight of my day was Louise and family quickly poping in to say hi with Lucas….I got to have cuddles and OMG what an amazing boy he is…I also got to hang out with his awesome older brother Joshie…Joshie if Mummy reads this I will get her to tell you that you rock!  The boys picked me up and we decided we would treat ourselves and have Fish n Chips for Dinner…

Yesterday Richard woke up with a little bit of a Tummy Bug so we left him in bed and after a breakfast of Pancakes (some chocolate, requested by David) David hopped onto his bike and I pushed him up to the Botanical Gardens up the hill and road from us….I luckly got a handle for his trike the other day…After a hot chocolate and fluffy and waiting for it to stop raining…(it had been clear when we left) we headed down with our map that David had found and had planned our walk/ride down to the Children’s Garden…David loved having his map….After going around the Potters Childrens Garden we started heading home via the Bakery for a treat for Morning Tea….Richard was starting to feel heaps better…After lunch and some quiet time David headed outside to invent some ball games and had a blast – he was outside for nearly 1 1/2 hours and had to call him in when it started to get a bit cool…

Well since I started writing this blog entrie the rain has got heavier and heavier so the Chickens will be staying in their coup today and I might actually put the oven on and make some cookies….I have heaps and heaps of Cornrflakes that I got on special so some Afghans might be in order as well.



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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend. I am sorry I missed the crop, but spent the day with the family instead. Sounds like perfect Afghan weather! Yum, no walnuts for mine please, hehe

  2. sounds like a ‘gooden idea’ as Joshie would say, to def stay indoors today (weather sucks here too). I’m just spending the day trying to catch up on everything that’s been neglected for the last week…

  3. LOL we both must have got our cornflakes on special and yup some of mine are destined for afghans too – mmmmm yummy!!

    Sounds like you had a perfect day and so glad and jealous you got to go to the crop hee hee

    THe weather has cleared here and all my boys are in bed so knitting and dishes I must go 🙂 xoxox

  4. We must have been at the gardens relatively the same time yesterday! We met our in-laws there and had a walk around and visited the children’s garden as well. I think we headed out at 3???? We got there about 11 and had lunch outside. Was a pretty nice day for it but I sure wasn’t feeling up to it lol.

  5. mmm afghans yummy, maybe i could make some of them with our cornflakes to ive not have them for ages and ages and ages hehe…..

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