We have a visitor at the moment!

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Well to be truthfull David had a visitor on Friday morning or possibly Thursday night by the name of “Chicken Pox”.  Chicken Pox has been going around his daycare and their sister daycare up the road for about 5-6 weeks.  About 5 weeks ago David had all the symptoms bah the spots well on Friday morning after breakfast when Richard went to change David for Daycare he found spots…Since then they have multipilied ten fold…Here are some pics from yesterday!




These were taken yesterday and there are heaps more now but at the moment not looking as fierce if that makes any sense.

As last night was very hot and the chicken pox make you feel uncomfortable and hot any way we had a bit of a hard night but we got there.

David wasn’t very hapy yesterday when he realised that he would be missing his Daycare Christmas Party today…He has been so excited and had been walking around the house practicising the songs they were going to sing…We will put up the Christmas tree a couple of days early next weekend and make a fun afternoon of it!

This week I am going to work on finishing some Christmas presents and writing out all of my Christmas Cards and to start sending them off!  I must find the Christmas Music Cd’s!

Well must be off.  We have been making Chocolate Cupcakes this afternoon and we will be icing and eating them soon.  I have been playing around with a few different recipies.


Beautiful weather today!

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It was lovely to wake up to beautiful weather this morning.  I have had a productive morning.  Richard and I dropped David off at Daycare and then he dropped me off at Manukau about 8.30 and then i headed to the supermarket to top up on some veges and bread.  Then off to Post Office, Whitcouls and Farmers and then home by 9.45.  Well done me I say.  I have been catching up on some paper work and work this morning along with hanging some washing on the line.  This arvo a great friend Lise is coming over to scrap for the afternoon and then tomorrow I will be spending the day loading stuff onto trade me.  I have so much stuff I want to get rid of and tidy up from here.

I promise I am working on photos, just taking awhile to edit them so my goal is to upload them tomorrow while uploading pics to Trade Me.

I can’t believe Christmas is so close.  I am starting to work on what to serve on Christmas and Boxing Days.  We have decided to have something different on Christmas Day and actually have a Whole Duck to cook.  Does anyone have any fav Roast Duck Recipies?  I am going to go the full hog that day and get some Duck Fat as well to cook the Roast veges in.

Well must be off but take care and everyone have a great afternoon!


Happy Birthday & Catch Up!

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Firstly a big Happy 26th Birthday to my amazing neice Tegan!  Girl you rock and are an awesome neice and mummy to your little boy!  Tegan was born 26 years ago on the 11th of the 11th at 11.11am…

I can’t believe that it is November already.  I have decided this year that i am making as many presents as possible.  I have about 20 or so to make (some of them are cooking but mostly scrapping related)

I have nearly finished a Callender for Richard (safe putting on here as I know he doesn’t read my blog.  I am just starting to make a Kaiser Bird House for my Mum’s Birthday who’s going to be 66 this year on Nov 28th.  Along with making that we are unfortunatly losing our ever amazing SLT that David has had since March….She and her finace are moving back to the UK to live.  We are going to miss her so much, she has helped David sooo much.  To thank her I am making a Kaiser ABC album for her…I managed to get some pics of her when she was here a few weeks ago on the bias that I was and (will) do a layout about David and her and how much she has helped him.  I am going to use some of these photos in her album.  I will do an update tomorrow on how his SLT work is going.

On Sunday we headed out to Glenbrook for Thomas & Friends.  We had decided not to tell David about it just incase something happened and we couldn’t make it or the weather was bad.  We told him that we were going out for a surprise and out on a Trip….He was loving that and said “Me like trips, me last went to butterfly creek”.  We turned up at Glenbrook and he could see a Train but not the face on it and then OMG when he did he was like “Thomas, me ride Thomas, now, now, now” I have some amazing pics which I will update and upload shortly.  I have some layouts in the pipeline to use these amazing pics in.

We also have David in a Play Gym class down at Bruce Pulman Park every Saturday morning from 10 – 11am and he is loving it…He was a little aprehensive with the balance beams which is only to be thought of.  As each week goes by he is embracing each part of the circuts more and more…There is an area of one of the circuts that has 2 paralel beams which are low level and they have to walk along with hands on one and feet on the other…Richard helps the first time and then david just goes for it and loves it.

Well back to working on my presents and will be sure to take some pics and post them here.  I will post some more over the next few days with some photos!

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