Wiggles, Baking, Library & Fairy Tales with a touch of baking!

March 30, 2010 at 12:55 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

This past weekend has been filled firstly with a trip to into Auckland to see the Wiggles at the Vector Arena.  In our Group there were 5 kids ranging in age from 18 months – 4 years and 5 Adults…Fun was had by all.  We had really good seats just up from where the seating on the floor was and when we got there David couldn’t understand why we couldn’t sit down there as the seats were then currently empty.  David loved the show and danced pretty much non stop for about 45 mins and then got tired…Show was about 1 hr 15 mins long.  At the end of the show when the Wiggles left the Stage David looked up at me with a Sad face and said “Me Miss the Wiggles”.  It was then home via McDonald’s Greenlane Drive through to a quiet afternoon.

Sunday we headed out to the Clevedon Farmers Market where I was in heaven and got fresh basil for pesto, corriander, limes and avacados and chillis and then after David had a Pony Ride we headed up to manukau to the Library one of David’s favourite weekly places to visit.  We got some books with the obligatory Fairy Tales which we have been getting at every visit for the past few months and then home for Scones for lunch and the very very last swim in our neighbour’s pool for the year until next Summer.

This weekend I have also been trialing Hot Cross Buns and have realised I need lots more practice with them and have made a Carrott Cake with Cream Cheese icing.  This morning I made Easter Cupcakes with caramello easter eggs hidden in them for David’s teachers and going to make some easter cookies this afternoon and David can take them to Daycare tomorrow.

We are off to the Easter Show on Thursday which will give David a 5 day weekend.  We decided to go on Thursday when it is a bit quieter and then on Friday friends have found a cool new playground which we will go visit with Morning or Afternoon Tea on Friday.  Saturday we have our very last Play Gym session for this term and as it’s Easter they are combining both the 9am and 10am sessions together so that the Teacher’s can get away early for easter.  We might then head to the Garden Centre to get some Winter Seedlings.  Our amazing neighbour wanted a break from working in his work shop yesterday and came and weeded our front garden so it is now ready to plant for winter.  Sunday we have Lisa and Annelise coming over for a Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

No Plans as of yet for Easter Monday but maybe to the Park and a day at home chilling and maybe scrapbooking for me.

On Sunday night i got the email about Class Requirements for Autumn Escape in Taupo which I am so lucky to be going to so I am working on what photos to take this week and then next week will actually pack my Scrap bag early so i def have everything and just keep out the basic kit to work on and then pack that.

Well must be off to put the Easter Cookies in the oven and also going to use up some leftover bananas with some crushed pineapple and coconut and make a Hummingbird cake.



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  1. Gosh, sounds like you have been pretty busy with more busyness to come over Easter! Gotta love it though, I’m just the same. Always doing something or else I get bored.
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all the Easter celebrations with Richard & David. Post some pics of the egg hunt 😉

  2. You are in for a busy weekend but sounds like loads of fun 🙂 Enjoy it all and happy Easter!

  3. cant wait – i have the wiggles concert tomorrow…..as for your weekend i am tired reading about it!!! sounds fun!!!!

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