Blog Giveaway & Mother’s Day!

May 11, 2010 at 12:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Okay everyone firstly sorry for the delay in posting this…I started feeling a bit yucky on Sunday afternoon and just couldn’t get things done.  I am going to be taking a pic this afternoon and will upload the pic.

My Mother’s Day was lovely – David has an awesome memory and when he got up at 6am to go to the bathroom he called out Happy Mother’s Day Mummy!  The boys then awhile latter brought in 2 pressies which was an awesome Spatchular and scrapper for my baking and cookign which I am doing lots and lots of at the moment…They are awesome quality and are silicon and can take up to 300C .  Latter that morning Richard had a job out near the Airport so David and I went out for a look around which worked out to be the same time my SIL, BIL, a friend of theirs and 2 neices and nephew were returning from 3 weeks in Asia so we were able to go welcome them home.  Then it was off home via the Domestic Airport and home for a quiet afternoon.  The boys then surprised me and went to our favourite Chinese Takeaways and got us Chinese for Dinner.

Today we dropped off an excited boy to Daycare as David and the rest of his 4 year old room were off to Kelly Tarltons for the day.  They were leaving about 9.00am and due back around 2.00pm and were having a Picnic Lunch on the way back to daycare at a playground.  I must remember to ask his teacher if I can get hold of some of the photos so that I can do David some scrapbook pages.

David is loving being in the 4 year old room…We are having some days where he says he doesn’t want to go to Daycare but I think this is just a phase.

Have just read that Harvey Normans have .15c photos at the moment so I must work out which ones I want to get printed and take them in this week.

David is loving his PlayGym classes that we go to every Saturday morning for an hour.  There are now 3 kids from his Daycare which is loves having them there.  We can see his confidence growing more and more.

Lastly now my mum and dad don’t have a computer and so don’t read this blog but we are sneakly going to sneak down and drive down and see them on Sunday and go via the Supermarket and turn up with lunch…Hee hee hee we are sneaky.

I will be back in a bit with a photo.  Now for every comment that is left this week on what I will now make next tuesday night I will draw a name and let you all know the winner.



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  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic mothers day. The boys have not long been on a trip to Kelly Tratlons for school, its such a fun place for kids to go and such a treat as well. Look forward to seeing some layouts of the trip if you get some photos.

  2. Sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day. I bet David is enjoying himself today at Kelly Tarlton’s. Unfortunately it’s too far for our boys to go there on school trips, a bus takes over an hour to get there so they wouldn’t end up with a lot of time to explore. But we went last holidays (Tyler’s first visit, Ethan’s third) and they loved it. Hopefully you can get some photos from David’s teacher – be sure to share the layouts with us!

    • This was David’s first trip as it just hasn’t worked out in the past with it being so expensive but yes he had a wonderful time and had fun tell us that they didn’t walk around they went on a movey thing…lol

  3. What a nice Mother’s Day, didn’t David do well to remember to wish you a happy day.. 🙂 Kelly taltons sounds like fun, I’m sure there will be cool photos to scrap. Will be nice to surprise your parents, a great idea! Great to see you blogging more too 🙂

  4. them not wanting to attend centre is quite normal!!! just remind him of all the fun he has when he is there and he will be ok!!!

    the trip sounds fun too….hope you get some pics!!!!

    • Thanks Mandy – I think he is also goign through a stage of it and also just knows how to push my buttons and i think he knows that i have my anxiety issues as well..

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